Till date he has performed more than 17000 replacements and continues to perform around 1000 surgeries per year.

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Jignesh Limbadiya

Dr Kalpesh Shah is a very good doctor. He answers all the questions and has lots of patience. He is also a genuine person and has concern about the patient. His treatment is also equally good. So I recommend Dr Kalpesh Shah. Thank you doctor for all the help. God bless you and your family!

Bhola Upadhyay

My wife having knee and hip problem now she is absolutely fine Dr kalpesh shah having Devine touch in his hands very soft spoken totally down to earth always smiling. In my opinion he is best orthopedic joint replacement surgeon in India. Salute to you Sir.

Gayatri Agrawal

I am Gayatridevi Agarval coming from Bangkok to do my knee surgery. I have no words to describe dr kalpesh shah techniques . I am totally pain free going back to Bangkok within 20 days .Thank you so much to Dr Kalpesh Dr Laxman and ur entire team .It was wonderful experience.

Neeva Shah

Got my mother in laws knee replacement done by Dr Kalpesh Shah. He is not only an amazing doctor, but one of the most humble and kind human being. Just within 15days of surgery my mother in law is able to walk nicely. Our heartfelt gratitude towards Dr Kalpesh Shah. Thank you so very much.

Saloni Arora

Dr Kalpesh Shah is an excellent surgeon and an equally good and kind human being. My experience of total knee replacement (both knees at the same time) was very smooth and comfortable. He is very dedicated and caring towards the quick recovery of his patients. He is very understanding about concerns and doubts and puts one at ease. It has been three plus years since the operation and my knees are doing great. Thank you Dr. Kalpesh Shah to helping my life become comfortable again. I feel blessed to have been under your care, Sir.

Heth Vora

I highly recommend Dr.Kalpesh Shah for knee replacement surgery. He operated both the knees of my Grandmother and made her walk again. She had a fantastic recovery. Within few hours of surgery, she was made to walk and travelled by train in just few days. He is not only a very good surgeon but also a nice human being. He patiently listened to all our queries, which we had in thousands, and solved all queries till we were satisfied. Though he looks very young, his experience is unmatched. I am very grateful to you Kalpesh Sir!! Thank you so much sir for making my grandmother walk again!!

Rajendra Choksi

Knee replacement done by dr. Kalpesh shah. He is amazing n kind person, given full satisfied treatment, available when needed, very caring dr. . Happy to done surgery with help of him....

Hubert Pereira

I did both knee replacement with Dr Kalpesh Shah. I am so happy with the result. Today on 20th day i am running around. Such a good doctor. Highly recommended.

Indu Hingu

I got both knee replaced from Dr Kalpesh shah. One 8 years back and one recently. I am so happy that I chose him as my surgeon. He is a fantastic surgeon and a fabulous person. Always available when needed. Very understanding and ready to help. I start walking without support from 5th. I am now running around like I was doing 15 years back. Thank you doctor.

Hetal Patel

Dr. Kalpesh shah is incredible.Best orthopedic surgeon in India. It’s rare to find a doctor that combines such personal touches and care for a patient as a person with outstanding quality of medical care. I highly recommend him for successfull knee replacement surgery with his expertise in zero Technique with experience of more than 15 years.

Mitika Thakkar

Dr. Kalpesh Shah is a Gem of the person and Excellent Doctor.We got both the knee replaced of my mother-in-law (Mrs.Bhanumati Panchal), Operation was successful and he was just a call away through out the process of recovery. I would highly recommend Dr.Kalpesh, since he is the best doctor and more than that he is always available for his patients with smile on his face.Thanks a lot Dr.Shah for all the support extended during this journey.

Shakeel Gawankar

Our experience with Dr. Kalpesh Shah was very helpful. My mother, 70yrs old, had a joint knee replacement which was carefully carried out by him. I'd like to recommend such operations from Dr. Kalpesh who was really cooperative throughout the process.

Paresh Kothari

Dr. Kalpesh and his team did an excellent job for wife. His treatment and knee replacement surgery (both knees) was very nice. Post op physiotherapy was very helpful. We would recommend him and are very happy with his service.

Laxman Kuchhadiya

My aunt was unable to walk since last 2 years was operated by Dr Kalpesh Shah.She is absolutely fine within four weeks of surgery.He is best surgeon at the same time best human being.

Premlata Jain

I had gotten the total knee surgery done for both my knees for myself. It's been 15 days and I feel much free! I went to Ahmedabad to Shalby Hospital where Dr. Kalpesh Shah and his team did an amazing job and an incredible aftercare. I was made to walk the very next day and its getting soo much better everyday and I feel independent already after years of not being able to walk properly with pain. He solved all our queries and kept in daily touch with us! We had about a bunch of people checking in with us daily including him. Unmatched experience of before and after care of surgery. If you want an expert and succesful knee surgery done, there's no other doctor I'd recommend other than Dr. Kalpesh Shah. I'm glad I got it done from him ! Thank you!